Red Sox Management Continues To Insult Our Intelligence

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Just a few days into Spring Training Red Sox management has already started pouring on the lies.

First they had the audacity to tell us that they were satisfied with Pablo Sandoval’s appearance upon his arrival in Fort Myers.  Now they’ve taken it a step further.

John Henry, who nobody trusts to begin with, has apparently made the assumption that Sox fans are absolutely clueless when it comes to body fat percentages.  He recently told us that he’s pleased with Pablo’s “17 percent body fat”:

“I think the main thrust of his offseason program was about agility and conditioning,” Henry said. “So the only thing I will say is he came in with a body fat ratio of 17 percent, substantially down from last year. That’s what we were looking for.”


17 Percent.  He tried to tell us that Pablo Sandoval has 17 percent body fat.  That’s not even a normal person’s body fat.  That’s the body fat percentage of someone who is considered to be “fit”.  An “average” body fat percentage would be 18-25%.

Pablo Sandoval, however, isn’t average.  He’s obese.  His body fat percentage is most likely north of 30 and here we have the team owner trying to tell us it’s 17.

It’s bad enough that Panda showed up out of shape, but I’m way more irritated with the fact that it’s completely being brushed under the rug by the organization to the point where they’re lying to our faces to cover it up.

Henry dug his hole even deeper when he said that “not many of us have 17 percent body fat”, like he was actually trying to praise this fatso for being some sort of athletic specimen.  Oh yeah that beached whale that we have over at third base?  Not many people are as fit as he is.  His body fat percentage is actually lower than most.

Give me a break.

If there’s one positive about Pablo in the last few days, it’s that people who are down in Florida watching him say that he actually does look quick at third base:

That’s great and I sincerely hope it translates into the regular season, but I won’t be the least bit surprised if it doesn’t.  The guy clearly has a problem and the team clearly doesn’t have the balls to do anything about it.


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Photo Credit: Michael Dwyer/AP Photo via WBUR

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