Relive The Celtics’ Win Over The Warriors And Laugh At Draymond Green’s Comments

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If you have a pulse and you’re a Celtics fan, you can’t get enough of Friday night’s miracle win at Oracle Arena.  That’s why I’m showing you this 10 minute video that features all of the best highlights from the game.

So throw on your Celtics footie pajamas, kick back, relax, and relive the greatest win thus far in the Brad Stevens era:


My favorite part is at 7:55 when there are 30 seconds left in the game with the C’s up two and Draymond Green dives on the floor for a loose ball and calls a timeout.  Green had been talking trash all night (namely with Avery Bradley who was giving the Warriors nightmares with his on-ball defense) and at this moment he started screaming and pounding his chest as if he had just saved Golden State from dropping their first home game in 14 months.

Of course he didn’t, and seeing the disappointment on his face after the final buzzer was especially rewarding considering the comments (excuses) he made just hours before tip-off.  According to Draymond, some of the Warriors’ losses this year are not legitimate:

Draymond Green to KNBR: “When I look at our 7 losses, I look at ’em & say. ‘ah, 3 teams really beat us.’ I’d say Port, Detroit, the Lakers.  There’s a little asterisk by Dallas, by Denver, with Milwaukee when we’re coming off a trip-OT & getting in at 4am.”

I have a few questions here for Mr. Green.

First, does every team get to put asterisks next to some of their losses?  I mean surely he understands that the Warriors aren’t the only team that has to travel and play back-to-backs and overtime games.  So can every team get a few mulligans and say their record is better than it actually is?  Second, what happens if Golden State only finishes with 71 or 72 wins and they fall just shy of the record?  Do they get to say that they’re actually the best team of all-time because they were physically tired during some of their losses and therefore they shouldn’t count?  I don’t think the 95-96 Bulls got to do that.


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