Rex Ryan Awkwardly Driving Home In His Bills-Themed Pickup Truck Is The Perfect Ending To His Head Coaching Career (VIDEO)

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It was almost two years ago that Rex Ryan was named the head coach of the Buffalo Bills and I blogged about his Bills-themed pickup truck that he bought as soon as he was hired.

I talked about how he was bringing his circus act with him, and how the Bills would fail to live up to the hype that he always surrounds his teams with no matter how bad they are.

Well, after almost two full seasons of .500 football, Bills Mafia has seen enough.  And what better way for Sexy Rexy to end his Bills career (and likely his head coaching career) than awkwardly riding off into the sunset in that ridiculous pickup truck immediately after he got fired?  I couldn’t have scripted it any better than this:

And with that, three of the AFC East’s four teams have gone through 23 head coaches (including interim) since 2000…

Damn, it feels good to be a Pats fan.


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