Rex Ryan Brought The Circus With Him To Buffalo

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Yesterday this photo surfaced showing Rex Ryan’s new pickup truck:

(Photo: Deadspin)
(Photo: Deadspin)

Let me just say that I am absolutely thrilled that Sexy Rexy decided to stay in the AFC East.  I would have been so bummed if the Patriots no longer got to play him twice a year.  This man is just pure entertainment.  Between the Bills’ paint job on his truck and changing the jersey on his tattoo of his wife from green to blue, it sure seems like he’s keeping up his antics that we grew accustomed to seeing when he was with New York.  And with a solid defense and absolutely no quarterback, it seems like he’s well on his way to turning the Bills into Jets 2.0.  It shouldn’t be long before he starts making Super Bowl predictions and insisting that the Patriots should be afraid of Buffalo.  He’s so funny sometimes.

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