Rob Gronkowski Interrupts Sean Spicer’s White House Press Briefing To Ask If He Needs Any Help (VIDEO)

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There wasn’t much to report on the Patriots’ visit to the White House on Wednesday.  About half the team, including Tom Brady, didn’t show up.  Just a little different from the trip two years ago:

But the highlight of the day came from Rob Gronkowski.

What else is new?  Gronk may not have played in the second half of the season, but he’s already managed to steal the show at every post-Super Bowl celebration.  Not to mention a couple memorable WWE appearances.

So when he had the opportunity to crash Sean Spicer’s White House press briefing, he just couldn’t resist:

The multi-talented, well-rounded Gronk just wanted to see if he could provide any assistance to the White House Press Secretary.  What a guy.

Spicer, who grew up in Rhode Island and went to Connecticut College, is apparently a Patriots fan.  So I’m sure he didn’t mind.


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