Rondo Denies Trampoline Park Rumors

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As you may have guessed, Rajon Rondo’s injured left hand that will have him sidelined for 6-8 weeks was the main topic of discussion at Celtics Media Day yesterday. Rondo stuck to his guns when answering reporters’ questions about how the injury occurred, saying that he slipped and fell in his shower, hitting his knuckle on a window sill. Apparently Danny Ainge went to Rondo’s home so Rondo could show him where he slipped and that was enough to convince Danny that he was telling the truth. When asked about the about the pictures of him at a trampoline park that surfaced a couple days ago, he explained that he had taken his daughter to a trampoline park on multiple occasions last week but did not suffer the injury there.

I’m still not sure I believe the shower story but I’m done speculating. The bottom line is that our star point guard is hurt and so is his trade value.

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