Shellz’ creativity shines through with the release of “Made Of Love”

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This year has presented artists with a unique challenge.  Without the luxury of being able to draw new fans through shows combined with the pressure of expectations that comes with months of “down-time”, it’s been a time to think outside the box and evolve.

For Boston artist Shellz, her next-level creativity, passion for visual art, and musical talent have shone through on her two major releases in 2020.  The singer/rapper/all-around artist and visionary has taken full advantage of her artistic abilities and the connections she’s made throughout her endeavors.  The result is a three-song visual EP called ‘Soulz’ which has reached nearly 70k views on YouTube in four months, as well as an impressively crafted single/video that touches on the effects of the coronavirus through the eyes of an intergalactic space queen who’s returning to Earth to assess the damage.

That latest release, “Made Of Love”, manages to be topical in regards to our current social climate as well as completely fresh and innovative.  The video itself is stunning, riddled with futuristic visuals aimed to depict the year 2020 from the perspective of someone who’s been away from Earth for quite a while.  Shout-out to Jay Hunt for helping to bring the story to life. 

It’s recommended that you read the video’s description on YouTube before watching, as it describes some intricate details that you may not pick up on during your first watch.  In the end, the story lands on the importance of love and selflessness above all else.  The way that it arrives at this conclusion is thoughtful and captivating:

To learn more about the thought process behind Shellz’ latest creation as well as some hints about her next release, stay tuned for episode 74 of Boston’s Big Podcast out now:

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