Stephen A. Smith weighs in on Kyrie Irving’s comments about Celtics fans

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Kyrie Irving stirred up some controversy with his latest comments regarding his tainted relationship with Celtics fans.  When asked about the inevitable boos that he’ll receive when he visits TD Garden this weekend, he said he hopes the crowd will “keep it strictly basketball” and avoid any “subtle racism”.

Kyrie is not well-liked in Boston.  The reasons span from getting a nose job while his teammates played in Game 7 of the 2018 Conference Finals, guaranteeing that he’d re-sign and not re-signing, constantly throwing his younger teammates under the bus, and saying “who cares?” when asked about his atrocious shooting performance against the Bucks in the 2019 playoffs.

Is Boston a racist city?  America is a racist country, so yes.  Does Boston’s hostility towards Kyrie have anything to do with race?  Absolutely not, which is why this comment was completely unnecessary.

Stephen A. Smith said it best on ESPN, stating that Kyrie is “negating his role in the vitriol he’s received”:

Perfectly stated.  Unfortunately this is par for the course when it comes to Kyrie.  Nothing is ever his fault.


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