The 2008 Celtics Reunion On KG’s Area 21 Was Everything You Hoped It Would Be

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Kevin Garnett got the gang back together for the final 2016-17 episode of his Area 21 segment during TNT’s NBA broadcasts.  Five members (and later a sixth) of the 2008 championship squad came to join the Big Ticket and reminisce on the good old days.

The guest list basically included the starting five, although that guy who played shooting guard was replaced with Big Baby Davis.  Here’s all the footage from the night:


The Introduction


Pierce Talks About His Last Season And Everyone Shares Their Favorite Pierce Memories


Doc Rivers Crashes The Party


Doc, KG, Pierce, Rondo, Perk, and Baby share stories from their trip to Rome and Doc talks about Baby eating too much


The famous KG vs. Big Baby arm wrestling story, plus KG asking Doc who the craziest guy on the team was



Doc Talks About His Approach To The 07-08 Season


Doc Gets Paul A Wheelchair As A Retirement Gift


The moment everyone was waiting for: Pierce & KG explaining why they still haven’t spoken to Ray Allen since he left (not that it needs an explanation).  Perk provides some good insight.


They talk about the breakup of the 2008 team beginning with the infamous Perkins trade, which Perk discusses in depth


They talk about their experiences going to new teams after getting used to the winning environment in Boston


They check in with the rest of the TNT crew and field some hard-hitting questions


All in all, an excellent segment.  Great to see all these guys back together again.  The biggest surprise to me was how much Perk had to say considering how quiet he usually is in front of the cameras.  I definitely agreed with his stance on the Ray Allen situation, suggesting that Ray should be the one to reach out and try to repair the friendship.

We barely heard anything from Rondo, but he’s never been really vocal on TV.  The Doc appearance was a nice surprise.

Shout out to KG for getting some of the boys back in one place.  As a Celtics fan, this was a joy to watch.


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