The Bruins’ Shaky Season

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Well the Big Bad Bruins are looking at the NHL playoffs from the back of the bus this season and this is not a normal feeling for a Boston fan. I honestly will be so upset if they do not at least get the 8th seed. Growing up it was all about the Sox winning when I was young, the Celtics when I was a teen, and the Bruins in High School.  Notice how I didn’t mention the Patriots. This is because the Patriots have literally dominated my entire life and I don’t ever take that for granted but it’s just the Patriot Way. It’s expected. Now I know I’m ranting but don’t take me as a fair weather fan because I still love rooting for all those teams every year. I am still holding out hope for a Celtics playoff run this year so put that in perspective.

Okay, well the Bruins have recently lost David Krejci to an MCL injury and will probably get him back in 4-6 weeks. Not a total blow, but Krejci had 26 points in 38 games and was really starting to heat up before his torn MCL. This is a time when the Bruins need wins and I mean now. The Panthers are now two points back from the Bruins and the Flyers are only four points back. This is a dangerous spot because we are nine points behind the 7th seeded Capitals. The only way the Bruins will not make the playoffs is if they beat themselves. We need to string some wins together and get back in the race for a higher spot. What I saw from the Bruins in their game against the Blackhawks was vintage B’s and that 6-2 win needs to become the norm for this squad. I am sick of seeing losses at home with scores like 2-1. That shows me that Tuukka Rask is showing up and our offense is not doing their job.

By the way, I learned that a man discovered a new species of wasp in Kenya and named it Thaumatodryinus tuukkaraski. The man was a Boston native and believed Rask’s quick glove was like that of the stinger on this deadly wasp. I’m sure the black and yellow played a part as well. That’s pretty frickin’ cool.

(another Canucks flop last night)

But the real debate here is whether to make some moves with the NHL trade deadline only five days away. I vote yes. Claude Julien is a master of getting the most out of his players from a production standpoint. At this point I don’t think he has all of the pieces he needs. At the deadline the Bruins need a top 5 defenseman or top 5 right winger. We have some young defenseman that show a lot of promise but we need a veteran to lead them in the playoffs. 26 year old Kevan Miller is out for the season with a shoulder injury and the Bruins pride themselves on solid defense. In the case for an offensive player, I don’t see too many big names out there for the taking but if Krejci can’t make it back to 100% we are going to need some help. Make some moves Cam Neely because Bruins nation needs you to.

Don’t get me wrong, if the Bruins make the playoffs, even if they are the 8th seed, they will step up to the task and make some noise. I honestly believe that with this team led by Rask, Bergeron, and Chara. Bruins playoff hockey is exhilarating and is always a great excuse to get drunk with your mass-hole friends. Go B’s!!

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