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The Celtics are heading back to the Eastern Conference Finals after eliminating Giannis and the Bucks

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Grant Williams channeled his inner 2017 Kelly Olynyk on Sunday by dropping 25 points in a crucial game 7 to send the Celtics back to the Eastern Conference Finals:

Every time you think this Celtics team might be reverting back to their bad habits from the first half of the season, they draw you back in and make you a believer again.  Jayson Tatum’s Game 6 performance in Milwaukee was reminiscent of LeBron James in the Garden in 2012, facing a 3-2 series deficit and willing his team to victory with a 40+ point showing on the road.  The epic collapse in Game 5 was quickly forgotten,

The Celtics will now play in their 37th Eastern Conference Finals, which is exactly half of the ECF’s ever played.  And for the third time in the past decade, they’ll be matched up against the Miami Heat.  This is a better Celtics team than the one that faced the Heat in the bubble in 2020.  The Heat also present some new threats with the additions of Kyle Lowry and PJ Tucker.


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