The Hashassins Show Continued Growth On ‘Moments’ EP

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The Hashassins are a couple best friends (William Wallace and Sincere) from Westfield, MA, who in the past few years have established themselves as one of the elite musical duos in New England.  They built their foundation by releasing several mixtapes in high school before hitting the stage in 2014 and dropping their debut album ‘H.I.P.H.O.P.’ in 2016.  Their style can be described as raw, old school hip-hop delivered with a laid-back flow from the viewpoint of two young and introspective minds.

Four projects since the debut, including a solo EP from William Wallace last year, both emcees have found their niche and are able to coexist flawlessly.  Their latest offering, ‘Moments’, is a perfect embodiment of their talent and originality.  

The opening track, “Yayha”, shows their level of comfortability on the mic that has come from years of perfecting their craft:

“Thru This All” presents a more upbeat tempo while maintaining their wordplay and honest, reflective lyrics before “Fade Away” slows things back down.  “Fade Away” and “Something to Feel” both feature phenomenal hooks from Sincere.  “Luvurselfff (Jptrsmn’s Interlude)” revisits a great track called “Love Yourself” off the 2019 album “Not Sure”.

The entire ‘Moments (EP)’ is self-produced, which only adds to the organic feel.  The project can be found on all streaming platforms.

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