The Players’ Tribune Releases A Video Of Isaiah Thomas The Moment He Was Traded To Cleveland

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Isaiah Thomas has spoken out about his feelings towards Danny Ainge after receiving the call this past August that he would be traded to Cleveland for Kyrie Irving.  But you won’t find a more raw reaction than the one that the Players’ Tribune captured at Thomas’ home just moments after that call took place.

The footage was released on Tuesday along with some additional commentary from IT:


Was it a good trade for Boston?  Yes.  Did Isaiah have a right to feel the way he did when it all went down?  Absolutely.

Isaiah Thomas is the ultimate competitor.  If he wasn’t, he wouldn’t have accomplished half the things he accomplished in his two years with the Celtics.  He’s 5’9″ and is probably quite confident that he’s the best player in the world pound-for-pound.  So the idea that someone could be a better fit than him is absolutely asinine to the guy who led the C’s to the best record in the Eastern Conference last season.  That’s understandable.

Not to mention the Celtics wouldn’t be in this position if it weren’t for IT shifting the rebuilding process into hyperspeed.  He came to a 16-30 team in February of 2015, led them to the playoffs, and they’ve been a force ever since.

So Isaiah was justified in his bitterness and he still is.  But no matter how much he hates Danny Ainge, the city of Boston will always love him.


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