The Recent Outpouring Of Support Shows How Much The World Loves David Ortiz

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As an athlete, David Ortiz was everything you could ever ask for:  he was clutch.  In the history of sports, there has never been crunch-time performer greater than Big Papi.  There are other names that you could put in his class (Tom Brady, Michael Jordan, Patrick Roy, Reggie Jackson) but nobody that you can say was better with the game on the line.  The man had 23 career walk-off hits over a 20-year career.  Three of them came in October of 2004 during arguably the most important postseason in Boston sports history.  In the 2013 World Series, he hit .688 while the rest of the team hit a combined .169.

As a human being, David Ortiz is everything you could ask for and then some.  He radiates positive energy everywhere he goes. His smile can and will light up whatever room he’s in.  His compassion for others is unmatched.  His leadership is so valuable that his younger teammates considered him a father figure.  As impressive as his baseball stats are, they’re exceeded by the impact he’s had on New England and his home country of the Dominican Republic.  Just google “David Ortiz charity” and you’ll see countless philanthropic efforts that have made him so much more than just the greatest clutch hitter of all-time.

Anyone who’s met Big Papi in person will tell you that everything you hear about him is real.  He’s a genuine, caring human being who will make anyone feel like they’re the most important person in the world.  Some scumbag tried to take this superhero from us but he failed miserably.  Papi is back in Boston recovering like the champion he is.  In the meantime, the outpouring of support showed just how important his life is to so many people:

That’s just a quick glimpse.  Seriously.  I could spend an entire day putting together noteworthy tweets and Instagram posts about Ortiz from the last couple days.  Messing with one of the most loved human beings on planet earth was a big fucking mistake.

We hope the love is felt, Papi.  We’ve been feeling yours for a long time now.  Get well soon buddy.

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