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The Red Sox have managed to right the ship after their 0-3 start

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If I would’ve told you on Easter that the Red Sox would be the hottest team in baseball within a week, you would have told me to stop making predictions.  I also wouldn’t have said that because, like you, I was convinced after their 0-3 start that we were about to witness one of the worst baseball seasons in recent memory.  To say those first three games were uninspiring would be an understatement.  After a miserable 2020, coming out of the gates with something to prove was going to be crucial for this ball club.  Giving up on a season after three games isn’t really fair in hindsight, but given the circumstances it felt warranted.  Not to mention the Sox have never started 0-3 and made the postseason.  It was difficult to find a silver lining.

But here we are a week later.  Our beloved baseball team has won six straight for the first time since June of 2019.  JD Martinez is the best hitter in the majors.  Matt Barnes is lights out.  The starting pitching has actually been sufficient.  Most importantly, this is a solid baseball team that enjoys playing together and winning.  It’s everything we thought we didn’t have a week ago.

The Sox scored just five runs in their first four games, and they haven’t scored less than six in any of the six games since.  The streak started with a sweep of the defending American League champion Rays and continued into Baltimore over the weekend.  Now they head to Minnesota to take on the Twins and keep their redemption tour rolling. It feels good to have meaningful baseball back in Boston.

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