The Story Of My Ongoing Beef With Young Money’s Gudda Gudda

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For those of you who haven’t heard, I’ve had quite a lengthy feud on Instagram with rapper Gudda Gudda of Lil Wayne’s Young Money Entertainment (which also includes Drake and Nicki Minaj).

Gudda grew up with Wayne and Mack Maine in New Orleans, and is an avid Peyton Manning fan due to Peyton’s roots in the Big Easy.  He often refers to Manning as “the GOAT” in his Instagram posts.

In one of those Instagram posts in the beginning of the 2014 NFL season, when Peyton broke the all-time TD pass record with his 509th, Gudda posted a picture of Manning and captioned it “Tom who !!?? #OMAHA”:

As a die-hard Pats fan and firm believer that Tom Brady is the greatest quarterback in the history of the world, I decided to throw in my two cents:


The “#OMAHA” comment at the bottom clearly indicates that my comment grabbed the attention of Gudda and definitely got under his skin a little.

This was confirmed a week later when the Patriots were getting ready to take on the Broncos in Foxborough and he went back to that same picture just to make sure I was ready for the game.  I immediately reminded him of Peyton’s history at Gillette:


After the Pats smacked the Broncos 43-21 in that game, which took place on November 2nd, 2014, I had to go back and give him some more facts:


Gudda then suggested that I meet him under the same picture in the playoffs, and as much as it pained me to quote Bart Scott, I just couldn’t resist:


Apparently he couldn’t wait until the playoffs because a few weeks later during the Pats’ hard-fought 26-21 loss to the Packers (who were the best team in the NFC at the time) Gudda decided to talk some more trash.  However, I couldn’t let him do so without mentioning the fact that Peyton and the Broncos had lost to a mediocre Rams team the week before.  I then went into Bill Belichick mode and shifted all of my focus onto the next opponent:


When playoff time finally came around, and the Patriots found themselves down 28-14 to the Ravens in the divisional round, Gudda felt confident to do some more taunting.  Although I’m pretty sure we became boys at this point because he called me homie.

Of course the Pats came back to beat Baltimore, so I was able to retaliate.  Gudda responded by saying he would see me in the championship, but unfortunately Peyton and the Broncos were eliminated from the playoffs later that day:


After Peyton was bounced from the playoffs, Gudda Gudda expressed his disappointment.  Our conversation took a break at that point, until Malcolm Butler picked off Russell Wilson at the goal line to win the Super Bowl.

He then states that the Pats got lucky, but everyone knows that the Seahawks wouldn’t have been on the goal line if it weren’t for that lucky catch by Jermaine Kearse:


After that, I didn’t hear from the YMCMB rapper who is well known for his verse on the hit song “Bed Rock” until opening night of the 2015 season, when the Patriots were getting ready to take on the Steelers.  After all the bullshit that went on during the summer with deflategate, Brady was shown on TV jogging around the field at Gillette before the game and getting the fans fired up.

Apparently Gudda Gudda didn’t like that too much, so he went back to that old picture to let me know.  Then I got a little defensive, as I do when anyone calls Tommy Boy a cheater:


I decided to screenshot our most recent interaction and post it on Instagram because I thought it was funny, and a friend of mine (shoutout to Andrew Burke) just had to tag Gudda, who then commented on my picture with his classic “#OMAHA” line:


As you can see, he went back to this picture many weeks later when Brock Osweiler and the Broncos beat the Patriots in a late November game.  Of course, the only thing on my mind and the mind of every Patriots fan after that loss was the health of Rob Gronkowski after he had his knee taken out again.

Before he went back to this pic though, I decided to take a jab at him by tagging him in this post after Peyton was off to a brutal start to the season:


He responded by saying that the Broncos were still 6-0, and I reminded him that they wouldn’t be shit without their defense.

We didn’t communicate again until the Patriots faced the Broncos for the AFC Championship, when I returned to this picture to make sure that Gudda Gudda was mentally prepared.

He replied with “always”, and that’s when I knew it was time for battle:


You know the rest of the story.  The Broncos’ defense obliterates our O-Line and Peyton wins a trip to the Super Bowl.

Gudda went back to one of his old pictures of Manning on Instagram to tag me and simply said “lol”.

I respectfully replied.  Like my boy TB12, I lose with grace.

When the Broncos won the Super Bowl a couple weeks later, I expressed my appreciation for Peyton Manning, although stayed consistent with my belief that Brady is the GOAT:


Unfortunately Gudda hasn’t responded to my last two comments, but I’m hoping our beef/friendship continues next season even though the Sheriff has decided to call it quits.  Until then, Tom Brady will continue to be the greatest of all-time.


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