The Yankees Came Into Fenway For The First Time In 2019 And Got Their Doors Blown Off

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Let me start by saying that this 2019 Red Sox team has been as good at building off momentum as last year’s Celtics, who once beat the Warriors by 33 points Oakland before going 4-5 in their next nine.  The Sox have won five in a row three times this season and have followed up each of those winning streaks by going less than .500 over their next five. But if there were ever a chance that this team would wake up and go on a tear for the last two months of the regular season, a 19-3 win over the Yankees to open a four-game weekend series at Fenway would be the perfect starting point.  

The atmosphere at the ballpark on Thursday night was not an accurate representation of the Red Sox’ season thus far.  The crowd was electric.  The Sox were only 1-6 against against New York coming into the game, but we’ve been waiting four damn months for those assholes to show their faces in Boston.  That means the last time the Yankees were at Fenway was when Aaron Judge walked out of the ballpark playing “New York, New York” before heading to New York and losing the ALDS. 

The reasoning behind the greatest rivalry in baseball taking place in London before finally making its way to the greatest ballpark in baseball is beyond me, but the Yanks got STOMPED in their first Fenway appearance.  Masahiro Tanaka allowed seven runs in the first inning and five more in the fourth before being lifted. His final statline read 12 earned runs on 12 hits in three and a third.  The Sox put up seven more on New York’s bullpen on their way to matching the most lopsided victory over the Yankees at Fenway ever.  Bogaerts went 4-for-4 with four RBI’s, everyone in the starting lineup had a hit, and all of them besides J.D. Martinez had an RBI.

Regardless of your feelings about this season as a whole, that was an absolute blast.  And if it doesn’t fire up this team and spark the run that we’ve been desperately hoping for since late March then I officially give up.  Let’s have a weekend boys.

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