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Tom Brady and Bill Belichick are looking forward to reuniting at Gillette on Sunday

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Despite all the speculation of a soured relationship between Tom Brady and the Patriots organization, TB12 will indeed be in the building for the season opener vs. the Eagles at Gillette Stadium on Sunday.  Leading up to the event, Brady has been vocal about his appreciation for his 20 years in New England:

“I had two decades of incredible life-altering experiences. I have so many memories from my time there,” he added. “I’m creating a new memory with the people there and to go back to that stadium and bring my kids and my family in a different way, you know. I haven’t been to that stadium in this way ever. I went there as a player. I went once as a competitor and now I’m going to go there as a fan. I will be there in the future as a broadcaster.”

Brushing aside any rumors of past turmoil with his former quarterback, Bill Belichick made it clear that he’s excited for the reunion, stating that he always looks forward to seeing Tom:

“I look forward to seeing him, and I’m sure there will be a lot of excitement at the game, in the stands, as there should be,” Belichick said. “I always look forward to seeing Tom. What a great experience and opportunity it was for me to coach him. I have a tremendous appreciation for what he did for our team and everything he gave us.”

The last time the two met in person, they had a private discussion in the locker room following the Patriots’ matchup with Brady’s Buccaneers in Foxborough in 2021.  An interaction that surprised those who had been doubting the strength of their relationship.  My prediction for Sunday is that they embrace midfield, resulting in what will likely be the loudest ovation at Gillette this season.

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