Tom Brady and Bill Belichick spoke for 20 minutes after Sunday night’s game

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A lot has been made about Tom Brady and Bill Belichick’s relationship and how both parties have dealt with their closely examined breakup.  Many questioned whether or not they’d even acknowledge each other following Sunday night’s Patriots-Buccaneers match-up at Gillette Stadium. 

Not only did the two embrace after the final whistle, they also spent more than 20 minutes having a private conversation in the visiting locker room:


The fact of the matter is that whether or not they can stand each other, Bill and Tom are family at this point.  You may not get along perfectly with all your family members, but you still have to speak with them when you see them in person and attempt to find some common ground.  The two hadn’t spoke to one another since Brady’s departure back in March of 2020 so both of them were likely still seeking closure.

Also, Belichick has a reputation of becoming more friendly with players when he’s no longer coaching them.  It appears Tom is beginning to make that transition into Bill’s personal life, which means their relationship will likely improve over time without money and contracts coming between them.  In short, the beef between Brady and Belichick has been overhyped and they seem to be doing fine.

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