Tom Brady and The Truth

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Well there are two stories to focus in on today and that is Paul Pierce being “The Truth” and Tom Brady speaking the truth. I will focus on Paul Pierce first because I really want to stay positive in this crazy week of final exams.

Paul Pierce is a beast and it is a shame that the Celtics do not quite have the stars to play along side him at the end of his career. Who knows? Maybe Danny Ainge will make some moves to potentially bring him back for a couple years but I don’t want to raise my expectations. I just love watching him in the fourth quarter. Seriously who is better in their final inning or quarter? Tom Brady, Paul Pierce, or Big Papi. I’m not even kidding, I think those three are the most clutch in their sports, especially in must-win games. I am fully onboard the Washington bandwagon now. Go Caps and Wizards! Okay some of that is untrue. I still want Steph Curry to carry the Warriors to the championship but if Lebron makes the NBA Finals again, I will be pissed.

That post game interview was gold too.

“Did you call bank?”

“I called game.”

Oh you want to question if I tried to make that shot like that? DOESN’T EVEN MATTER! Game over people. Oh by the way of course I tried to bank it. I’m the Truth! Would I ever lie to you? BOOM! It did take a bit away from the moment that Lebron also had a big buzzer beater especially because he was bad all game.

Okay now on to a topic that I honestly shouldn’t even be talking about but apparently people care about PSI’s as much as domestic violence nowadays in the NFL. This is completely a case of the most influential player in the NFL in the last few decades getting way more heat than he should because of his success. Now today I get a notification that it is a “forgone conclusion” that he will be suspended. This is a joke and I loved how Tom treated his “first public appearance” since the Wells Report. Does this taint your Super Bowl? Absolutely not. Did you do it? I’m sticking with what I said before. The truth. I also don’t want to talk about it anymore because that’s what the media wants. Headlines.

I will be pretty upset if the NFL actually wrongfully suspends Tom Brady. Buuuuttt I am curious to see how Garoppolo does in Josh McDaniel’s system.

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