Tom Brady Scares The Shit Out Of Patriots Fans By Wiping Out On Skis (VIDEO)

A couple months after winning his fourth Super Bowl two years ago, Tom Brady terrified Patriots fans by posting a video of himself jumping off a cliff in Costa Rica.

Two years later, after winning his fifth Super Bowl, TB12 is back at it.

On Thursday, the 39 year-old quarterback posted a video to Instagram showing him timidly going over a jump on skis and tumbling forward into a full yard sale as he tried to stick the landing:


I’m okay with Tommy Touchdowns having some fun.  We all know he deserves it.  I just wish he would keep moments like this private so we can go about our off-season without worrying about whether he’ll ever play another down.  Having your push for a sixth ring fall short due to a skiing injury is no way to go out.


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