Tom Brady Searching Himself On The Internet Is Must-See TV

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Yahoo recently did a segment with Tom Brady called “I Yahoo’d Myself” and, as is the case with any video involving TB12, it was absolutely captivating.

Watch the video here.

It starts off pretty awkwardly as Brady watches a video of himself crying while reflecting on the 2000 NFL Draft in the famous “Brady 6” documentary.  He then reveals that he has absolutely no clue what a meme is even though his face is on 99% of NFL memes.

Sidenote: could that guy have possibly come up with a worse example of a meme?  “When bae forgets the Pizza Hut”?  If Tom doesn’t know what a meme is then he sure as hell doesn’t know what “bae” means and who the hell eats Pizza Hut?

I couldn’t help but acknowledge Brady’s attitude towards growing his hair long again.  “I think I’m going back to some long hair.  You know, screw it.”  I’m not trying to compare myself to the GOAT but I pretty much have the exact same outlook when it comes to growing my hair long which I tend to do from time to time.  And if Brady is rocking the flow by playoff time you better believe I’ll be right there with him.

He also shares his thoughts on people getting tattoos of him and talks about Giselle and his relationship with Matt Damon.

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