Tom Brady was in rare form at the Bucs’ Super Bowl parade

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Warning: If you’re a Patriots fan, these videos could be hard to watch.  That should be our parade.

Make no mistake about it, Tampa Tom is a different animal.  I don’t know if it’s the weather or the absence of Bill Belichick.  Probably a little of both.  But the show that Brady put on in the Bucs’ boat parade on Wednesday was unlike anything we’d seen during his time in New England.  Dude was TRASHED:

Tom (or whoever runs his social media account on the rare occasion that he’s too intoxicated) later joked about the footage of him needing help to walk:

Once you get past the fact that he had to leave us to get his seventh, you can’t help but find joy in seeing one of the hardest working, most disciplined athletes of all-time just completely let loose and enjoy life.  To say he’s earned it would be an understatement.  Party on, TB12.  (I would say Gronk too but he doesn’t anyone to encourage him)

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