WATCH: Marcus Jones wins it for the Patriots as time expires

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The most important Jones on the Patriots on Sunday wasn’t Mac.  In fact, the offense was putrid once again.  Any time they start to sniff the red zone, they move backwards.  It’s like clockwork.

The good news is that the defense was nails once again and the Jets are equally incompetent, resulting in one of the most boring football games in the history of the sport.

The all-time snooze fest was tied 3-3 with 20 seconds remaining when rookie Marcus Jones put it away with this 84-yard punt return:

A win is a win.  It hasn’t been pretty but the Pats going 2-0 against the Jets this year has surprisingly put them in good position to make a run at the postseason.  They’ve now won four straight and are 5-1 in their last six, but their first huge test of the year comes next week in Minnesota.  Stay tuned.

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