Looking Back At Some Powerful Sports Moments Following The 2013 Boston Marathon

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Today while enjoying the 120th Boston Marathon, we also look back and reflect on the tragedies that took place in this great city just three years ago.

In times of despair, sports have often had the power to bring a level of comfort and happiness back into people’s lives.  We saw it with the Yankees after 9/11 and we witnessed it first hand after the Boston Marathon bombings.

President Obama recently said that one of his proudest moments during his presidency was the way that the city of Boston responded after the attacks, and he specifically mentioned this legendary speech by David Ortiz before the Red Sox’ first game back at Fenway:



The speech was followed up by a tremendous game that included a go-ahead homer by Daniel Nava.  It’s hard not to get chills when Don Orsillo says “Boston this is for you” as the ball lands in Koji Uehara’s glove in the bullpen:


There was also this excellent speech by President Obama following the attacks:


The same day as the Papi speech/Nava homer, the Celtics played their first home game of their first round playoff series against the Knicks.  They provided a nice tribute to the victims:


And last but certainly not least is the Bruins’ game that took place just two days after the bombings.  Tough to watch this one without shedding a tear.  With everything still fresh in everyone’s mind, this was the first large gathering to take place.  Watching the entire crowd join in and recite the national anthem will always be a reminder of the unity that was displayed during those tough times:



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