Oompa’s “Go” might be the bop of the summer, gets co-sign from Snoop Dogg

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It’s been almost two years since Oompa released one of the greatest albums of all-time in Cleo (that is not hyperbole), and it was only right that the young Boston legend took a well-deserved hiatus before diving back into the scene.  Luckily for us fans, that break appears to be over and the results of her latest creative endeavors were well-worth the wait.

Oompa came up as a rapper but has become increasingly confident in her singing abilities as her career has progressed.  She flexed some melodies in the past on tracks like “Dope”, “Cookie”, and “Fool’s Gold”, but her last two releases since her classic 2019 LP have seen the former Boston Music Awards Album of the Year nominee veer further away from being strictly a hip-hop artist.  “Closer”, which came out back in November, is basically an R&B track aside from one fire rap verse, and her latest single “Go” also features minimal rapping.

What it does include is immaculate summer vibes, which are also heavily present in the video.  Play this at a barbeque, at the beach, driving in your car with the windows down (or top down if possible).  Play this for your significant other, your parents, your grandparents, your children.  This one is for everyone and is guaranteed to boost the mood in basically any setting.

If you don’t believe me, maybe Snoop Dogg can convince you.  Shortly after it’s release, Snoop added the track to his playlist and included it in an Instagram post:


I can’t think of a better advocate for feel-good music than Snoop, so that co-sign is all you should need to check out this instant classic from Oompa.

Dan DeCristofaro of Massachusetts band Blue Light Bandits also makes a fitting contribution to the record.  Here it is:






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