Reks is on a mission to drop 33 projects in 2024

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In 2024, the number of hip-hop subgenres is unquantifiable.  But look no further than Killer Mike winning “Rap Album of the Year” at the Grammys as proof that conscious rap centered around intricate lyricism is still very much alive and thriving.

Much like the 48 year-old veteran Atlanta emcee, Boston/Lawrence hip-hop legend Reks has been spreading his movement around the globe for well over two decades now, never missed a beat, and continues to make the best music of his life.

At age 46, what’s most impressive about Reks is the volume of work he’s putting out while maintaining this high level of quality.  The man is on a mission to release 33 projects in 2024, and he’s already on pace to accomplish this lofty goal.  In January, he and rising Italian producer Samir linked up for a five-song EP titled Rather Unique.  And on February 16, he gave us three more EP’s with the release of M.A.G.A, F.E.L.A., Y.O.D.A.  

M.A.G.A. (Make Art Great Again) is assisted by Massachusetts producer duo Short Buss13, F.E.L.A. (For Everyone Love Always) is accompanied with the production of fellow Lawrence native and frequent collaborator ShortFyuz, and Y.O.D.A. (Young Ones Defy Age) is brought to you by the sounds of Melks, also from Lawtown.

The music speaks for itself.  I’ve always felt that Reks has some stylistic similarities to Black Thought with just as much lyrical precision, paired with an uncanny ability to find new and intriguing ways to touch on pressing topics in hip-hop and society.  There’s a reason that a quick scroll through the YouTube comments on his latest music videos shows remarks like “REKS big up from Edinburgh I see you my guy!”, “greetings from Poland”, and “support from Argentina”.  You don’t reach that level of recognition on a worldwide scale without creating highly impactful records on a consistent basis.

These first four offerings of the eventual 33 are now available on all digital streaming platforms as well as for purchase on Bandcamp.  Eight music videos have already dropped, all of which can be found on Reks’ YouTube channel.

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