BIA releases “London” featuring J. Cole with the help of three New England producers

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Five or six years ago, we were all talking about how New England was beginning to emerge as a hip-hop powerhouse.  In the years since, those claims have been validated by the amount of massive co-signs that local artists have received from some world-renowned figures.

Whether it’s Rick Ross signing Smoke Bulga to MMG, Lil Baby hopping on tracks with DTheFlyest and Joyner Lucas, Conway the Machine with M-Dot, Benny the Butcher with Millyz and Last Days, Snoop Dogg calling Millyz the dopest white boy since Eminem, Eminem collaborating with Joyner, Joyner collaborating with J. Cole, BIA with Lil Durk, Termanology doing an entire album with Paul Wall, Cousin Stizz with Freddie Gibbs and Curren$y, etc.  The amount of eyes on New England from prominent names in the industry is at an all-time high.

These monumental moments in New England hip-hop continue to add up, and on Friday we were hit with one of the biggest yet.  BIA, a product of Medford, Mass., has teamed up with J. Cole to release a new track called “London” accompanied with a video.  BIA isn’t new to big collaborations, but for this one she brought the home team with her.  The song is produced by AzizTheShake (Nashua, NH), Jon Glass (Beverly, MA), and Tim Nihan (Reading, MA).

AzizTheShake has been one of the most prolific producers in New England and beyond for a few years now, and his 2021 Boston Music Award for Producer of the Year and recent collabs with Van Buren Records have made him a household name.  This is just another (huge) step towards his inevitable blow up.

Jon Glass is a legendary producer in New England who’s worked with local icons like Reks, Termanology, Token, Justin Clancy, and Joyner Lucas.  This breakthrough moment has been a long-time coming and it’s hard to think of anyone who deserves it more.

Tim Nihan has put in a ton of work over the years as both a rapper and a producer, but he’s focused the majority of his attention on producing as of late and he has to be happy with the results.  Aside from this track, he’s been busy making beats for JZAC, POMAGRANITE, COLIN, An$on Raps, and more.

Congrats to everyone involved.  The final result is incredible.  Here it is!

“London” – BIA ft. J. Cole (prod. by AzizTheShake, Jon Glass, Tim Nihan)



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