Boston’s Big Podcast (Quarantine Edition): Flawless Real Talk, Red Shaydez, Jon Glass, Leedz Edutainment, Ocho, Jarvis Green, and more

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Boston’s Big Podcast has taken full advantage of quarantine time by dropping an endless stream of episodes featuring quality guests.

Our first quarantine drop featured New England hip-hop icon Flawless Real Talk, which I did a write-up on back in April.  He spent nearly two hours talking with us about everything from his early days rocking small venues in Providence to his experience on Netflix’s Rhythm + Flow with T.I., Chance the Rapper, and Cardi B:

We followed that one up with the biggest hip-hop promoter in Boston, Ned Wellbery aka Leedz Edutainment.  He provided some great insight on the ins and outs of the music industry and talked about the best and worst shows he’s ever put on:

Did you know the Patriots used to have a Team Magician?  His name is John Logan, and on top of performing magic tricks he’s also a motivational keynote speaker.  He provides some important life lessons and great stories about interactions with Tom Brady, Devin McCourty, LeGarrette Blount, and more:

Tre Michaels has dropped a couple of the hottest singles out of Boston this summer (“Die For” and “Rundown”).  Before he released them, he joined us talk about the work he’s been putting in with his fellow WeGDaw counterparts:

Jon Glass is one of the best producers in New England (and the world for that matter).  He’s also a great dude who really likes helping people and watching them succeed.  He was instrumental (pun intended) in the rise of Token, and has worked with and mentored an endless list of local talent:

Aztech (from Hybrid Thoughts) is a staple in the New England scene, just ask Edo. G.  Aztech joined us to talk about the ways the music industry has changed over the years, writing soundtracks for anime films, the Edo vs. Benzino battle, and much more:

Episode 61 was a big night for fans of BBP’s sports content.  Former Patriot and two-time Super Bowl champion Jarvis Green joined us from Louisiana on Facebook Live and spent an hour and a half answering questions while driving from Baton Rouge to New Orleans.  He shared some excellent stories from his eight seasons with the Patriots, including Belichick ripping into Adalius Thomas and Jarvis almost fighting Vince Wilfork over a lobster tail dispute at a team function.  We also talked about his shrimp business, “Oceans 97”:

Episode 62 featured Quincy artist Knasty, who dropped two quality projects last year (Amateur Rockstar 1 & 2) and is using his quarantine time to expand his creativity.   We talked about his recording process, his love for Cadillacs (thanks to Outkast), his hesitance when it comes to doing features, his friendship with The Palmer Squares, and much more:

BBP’s own Easty has a new song out, and it’s thanks to South Carolina-born, New York-bred producer PBlaze.  Blaze’s new album ‘MayDay’ is out now on all platforms, and the opening track “Dime a Dozen” features a lyrical onslaught from Easty, setting the table for a project full of quality hip-hop from emcees all over the country.  We talked to PBlaze about the project, sports (he’s a New York fan unfortunately), and plenty more:

Red Shaydez has quickly become one of the biggest names in the Boston music scene.  If you’ve been to the Seaport recently, you may have seen a billboard promoting her upcoming album ‘Feel The Aura’ (7/27) and her virtual album release party on 7/26.  She talked with us about the inspiration behind the album, speaking out about racism in a recent Boston Globe article, performing at last year’s Boston Music Awards, dealing with social anxiety as a public figure, and so much more:

Ocho was the perfect guest for BBP, being that he’s both an athlete and a musician.  The Boston native talked about balancing his music life with his life as the starting quarterback for the Idaho Horsemen arena football team.  His 2018 album ‘The Sport Tape’ recently reached a million streams on Spotify and he’s been working tirelessly on a follow-up project, collaborating with Jon Glass among others:


All of these episodes can also be found on all streaming platforms.  More great guests to come so stay tuned!



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