Gronk Absolutely Shredding The Air Guitar At The Paul McCartney Concert At Fenway (VIDEO)

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Anyone who attended Paul McCartney’s concert at Fenway Park Sunday night was treated to a nice surprise when Rob Gronkowski took the stage for McCartney’s performance of “Helter Skelter”.

In typical Gronk fashion, he jumped around shredding his air guitar and spreading his infectious smile throughout the park.  Because what’s a major event in New England these days without a cameo from number 87 dancing his ass off and getting the crowd riled up?

I’m not even sure if Gronk is a Beatles fan.  You would think everyone is a Beatles fan, but Gronk isn’t everyone.  Something tells me he’s the type who just likes to get rowdy and dagger to some Waka Flocka.  Either way he had a great time with Sir Paul and so did the rest of the Fenway faithful.


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