Michael Felger Didn’t Know That The Celtics Had More Championships Than The Lakers (VIDEO)

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No one has ever mistaken Michael Felger for a basketball genius.  Even he’ll admit that it’s not his forte.  But as arguably the biggest sports media figure in Boston currently, there are certain things that you’re sort of obligated to know about the local teams.

The Celtics have the most championships of any NBA team.  This is something that Celtics fans take a lot of pride in.  Celtics fans, like fans of every other Boston team, listen to Felger & Mazz, so you’d think it’d be something they’d be aware of.

As someone who typically enjoys their show, I couldn’t help but be a little taken back when Felger was thinking of reasons as to why the Lakers are a more attractive free agent destination than the Celtics and mentioned the fact that they have more championships:

I agree that Los Angeles could be a better destination for other reasons, namely weather, but the fact that he thought he was making a point by saying the Lakers have more banners is just embarrassing.  How can he expect us to put any stock into his basketball opinions if he doesn’t know even the most basic facts about the game?  What’s even worse is that absolutely nobody corrected him.  I thought Jim Murray at least knew a little bit about the NBA but he looked completely lost.

Like I said, I would never listen to them for basketball input, but I do typically enjoy Felger & Mazz’s show.  They like to whine and point fingers and I find it to be entertaining.  This, however, was unacceptable.  As well-known Boston sports media members, us Celtics fans would appreciate if you’d do a little more research on the greatest franchise in basketball history.


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