NFL legend Calvin Johnson opens dispensary in Boston, David Ortiz attends grand opening

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The list of high profile former athletes breaking into the cannabis industry continues to grow.  Ricky Williams, Paul Pierce, Kevin Durant, Matt Barnes, Stephen Jackson, David Ortiz, Calvin Johnson to name a few.  The latter, along with the help of a couple Detroit Lions teammates, launched his brand “Primitiv” in Michigan back in 2021, with their newest dispensary opening a couple weeks ago in Boston.

Johnson, aka Megatron, was in attendance at the grand opening as well as his co-owners and former teammates Rob Sims and Gosder Cherilus (a product of Boston College).  Joining them for the festivities was none other than Big Papi himself, whose “Papi Cannabis” products are sold at the store.

Owen and I were lucky enough to be invited to the media portion of the event, where we had the opportunity to meet the Greatest Clutch Hitter in the History of Baseball:

I showed him an article that I wrote about him a few years ago, explaining why he’s the undisputed best clutch hitter ever with tons of stats to back it up.  He loved it.  It was surreal talking to someone who has meant so much to my life despite never having met them up to this point.  I hope we can cross paths a few more times in the future.  Great guy.

Anyway, Primitiv is located at 200 High St. in Boston, in the Financial District.  From my one experience there, I can tell you that the store is well laid out, the staff is extremely helpful, and the prices are unbeatable.  As for the product, there is plenty to choose from so you really can’t go wrong.  All three athletes got into the business after using cannabis and CBD to treat pain and depression as a result of football, so they’re highly focused on the wellness aspect of the industry.


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