Papi Doesn’t Like The New Rules

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[wpvideo 3xPHRGF2]

This is actually something I meant to touch on when I blogged about the new pace-of-play rules a few days ago so I’m glad Papi brought it up.  How are there no rules that affect the pitchers?  Pitchers are almost the sole reason that baseball games take so long.  After each pitch they have to walk around the mound, pick up the rosin bag, adjust their hat, adjust their jock strap, etc.  Then they look in for a sign and shake off the catcher so many times that the hitter eventually gets bored and calls for time.  As I stated before the length of baseball games doesn’t really bother me but it seems to be a big issue for a lot of people so if the games must be shortened then enforcing a pitch clock is the way to go.

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