POMAGRANITE Drops The “Supply” EP To Hold You Over During Quarantine

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It hasn’t taken long for POMAGRANITE to establish themselves as one of the most innovative and consistent hip-hop groups in New England.  The New Hampshire and Massachusetts natives began releasing music as a collective in 2018, and last year they introduced their movement to the world with an exceptional EP and an even better album.  

That momentum was carried into 2020 with the release of an array of singles before we were blessed with a five-song EP last week.  It’s called “Supply”, and it lives up to the hype that they’ve created over the past couple years.

“Too Much” is the group’s second collaboration with Tim Nihan in the past year, and just like on “Smart Dollar” the Massachusetts emcee came through with a memorable verse.  Of course Everett Gibbons refused to be overshadowed and delivered some potent bars of his own, as well as a catchy hook that expresses the confidence that comes with not conforming to a materialistic lifestyle.  “Ya’ll just been tryin’ too hard, I’m pushin’ this old thing.”

Everett and Joeyroxitt handled the majority of the vocals on this project, and both of them put their versatility on full display with the rapping and the melodies.  “Hmu” might be the most “out of the box” cut for Everett in terms of delivery, yet the replay value is undeniable. 

“FOCUS” features an artist from Fitchburg, MA by the name of Lil Rayy, who I was previously unfamiliar with but his verse pushed me to dive deeper into his catalog.

Bryll and Charlie Mixwelh held it down on the production as usual, plus Bryll perfectly executed the hook on “Look At You” and contributed a smooth verse on “Linens”. 

“Linens” is the most upbeat record on the EP.  The hook from Joey is simple yet infectious.  Play this one at a party once those are a thing again.


All-in-all a great project.  “Supply” can be streamed on all platforms.  Follow POMAGRANITE @pomagraniterecords on Instagram, where you can find their individual IG’s in the bio.

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