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Thanks to some random computer problem that totally had nothing to do with me watching my home teams from North Carolina on sketchy European sites, this is my first post in a while. But the good news is I have been watching all the games and that’s what’s important. Here is where we are at Boston…

The Bruins have been eliminated from playoff contention and our players must now go through a hockey player’s nightmare. Not playing hockey when the weather gets nice. Seriously, I would obviously have a great time with my friends and family and probably never leave the beach, but to watch a season slip away like that… it was painful. One of my roommates is a Blackhawks fan and hasn’t been holding back with the gloating. I had to just go to a room by myself, take a breather, and remember the banners and parades.

I can’t say enough about the Celtics’ play since the All-Star break. On Tuesday they took down the Raptors. Isaiah Thomas has now won two Eastern Conference Player of the Week awards and was a catalyst again against Toronto. Jae Crowder hit a fade away jumper in the corner to beat the Raptors in the C’s last home game. But now it is on to the Cavaliers. The seventh seed is now ours and that means a remake of the Cavs – Celtics showdowns from before Lebron left for Miami. Of course we don’t have Paul Pierce to drop buckets on Lebron anymore, but if we can catch the Cavs off guard, we do have the players to compete. From what I’ve seen this season, Brad Stevens has used Crowder and Turner against Lebron. I’ve even seen big Brandon Bass match up with him. So it will be interesting to see the game plan. Is it weird that I’m not too worried about Kyrie Irving? I love our guards on the defensive end. Avery Bradley is a smart hustle player and Marcus Smart is as scrappy as they come.


P.S. – Stevens > Blatt any day of the week

Now, I’m not the type to jump to any conclusions just because of a few baseball games….but I think the Red Sox will never lose a game again. Not really, but it’s basically true. Mookie Betts is a thief when it comes to stealing bases. He also is pumping out more hits than Drake these days. That could have been a Kanye reference too. I’m a big fan. Big Papi hasn’t been hitting great, but has two homers. Xander Bogaerts is my man though. He is batting something like .430 right now. He sat out against the Nationals on Tuesday and we are going to need him back. Hanley continues to impress me. Dustin Pedroia went 3 for 4 with a dinger on Tuesday as well and continues to be the veteran we need. But the Red Sox are getting runs, plain and simple. Every game that we have gotten at least six runs, we have won. Let’s keep it up boys.

Also I need to clarify one thing. The reason Tom Brady threw that opening pitch so poorly is because he threw it like a football. I saw the footage. I saw the stills. That was the classic Brady motion. They should have just let him throw a football. Those hands were meant for it.

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