Why does Bill Belichick hate us?

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“Just shore up the offensive line and we’ll win the whole damn thing!”

That’s me, yelling everyday in the offseason. It’s simple to me. Protect Brady and chances are, we’ll be in the Super Bowl.

Throw your tax money (if you have any left) on it. Tell everyone. It’s about as clear as the glass on the oven for years now that if you give Brady time in the pocket, he’s going to pick apart the defense every time. Every time.

But nope, Bill is going to do whatever he’s going to do and that’s draft offensive linemen in the 4th round or later and just bullshit us. Bill is basically Stone Cold Steve Austin.  He metaphorically stunners people, flips people off, says whatever and does whatever he wants. I wouldn’t be surprised if he crushes 10 beers a night just for the hell of it.

Every Patriots offseason is the same in years past: sign some average guys who fit perfectly, sign some average guys who struggles in camp and preseason and doesn’t quite “get it”. Trade back in preferably the first round to get someone that nobody has any clue why. See: Devin McCourty.  Bill will always get the guy from an average or unknown school with the chip on their shoulder that are willing to play 16 different positions and never complain.

The problem with all of this is that it works. Patriots are the measuring stick in the AFC every single year. They’re a lock to win the AFC East like it’s a lock that whoever becomes president, we’re all doomed. Bill is an absolute genius and does what he thinks is right and doesn’t care about who says what about his decisions. Don’t like it? Oh well.

Personally, I hope the Patriots get some offensive line help (DID YOU WATCH THE AFC CHAMPIONSHIP GAME?!) and get a running back to compliment Dion Lewis.

Blount concerns me greatly. He’s getting older and slower and I don’t trust him.  I would have LOVED to get Chris Ivory. I think Matt Forte would crush it in New England or wherever he goes and would become an instant fan favorite.

I believe we need some help at the WR position. Edelman and Amendola can only get pulverized over the middle for so long. You need other reliable options (I’m looking at you Brandon Dropfell). Get a solid number two corner and a veteran middle linebacker and we’ll cruise to a first round bye easier than complaining about life on Facebook.



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