Denying Bill Belichick’s Bro Hug Wasn’t Dan Quinn’s Brightest Idea (VIDEO)

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During the Super Bowl Opening Night festivities on Monday night in Houston, we were all provided with an awkward moment when Bill Belichick went in for a bro hug with Falcons head coach Dan Quinn:

Normally Belichick would be the one refusing to show any affection in an interaction with an opposing head coach, but this time he was the one getting stood up.  We’ve heard from people close to him that Bill is a decent human being, but in the public eye he never shows any sort of emotion whatsoever.  For whatever reason, he decided to be nice to Dan Quinn on live television, but Quinn rejected his gesture.

Belichick loves bulletin board material and he’s always looking for reasons to fire up his team.  There’s no shortage of motivation for the Patriots heading into this game but little things like this will just add fuel to the fire.  Bad move, Dan.


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